What to expect from me on your wedding day!

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This is me doing my best staring into the distance look and failing misterably at looking serious! As you can see I am looking rather smart (this was one of my wedding outfits) as the day this was taken, I became an honest woman. I'm a newby on the marriage block so all of those incredibly nervous and excitment feelings were not so long felt. We married in Beverley first and then jetted off to do it all again a few days later with friends and family and spent the best part of two weeks feeling incredibly special (and merry of course).

The question everyone asks is, 'who did your wedding photography?' Well... we were lucky to have a close family member who shares my love for wedding photography and he was top of the list on the invitations of course!!

So what can we expect from you on our big day?

I guess my role is to support you guys on just being you. I don't want to get in the way or control how the natural story unfolds and I definately don't say 'cheese'! I will always liaise my clients when we have a pre-wedding consulation about the kind of images you like and I often meet couples at their chosen venue where possible. I ask couples to link up to me on Pinterest as this is a good way to exchange thoughts and ideas as to styles etc. It's a quick, easy way to keep in touch and some of my best work has come from a collaboration of ideas beforehand.

But I really hate having my picture taken...

I hear this from alot of my brides funnily enough. Most grooms are happy and comfortable in front of the camera (I think this must be from years of practice in front of their bedroom mirror) but brides can be more self conscious and worried about looking too posed and stiff. I feel that too... Take the above picture for example; hand on hip and trying to look like i'm not noticing the camera However, I have a thousand things up my sleeve to get you to be yourself and i'm ready to catch those true smiles, belly giggles and capture the romance between you both.

What about posed shots though?

I don't want to take you away from the party from any longer than needed. I tend to allow couples some time to relax and enjoy their first drink as Mr and Mrs. This time allows me to capture family members, children running around being themselves and get lovely shots of the venue too. Then we can go off and have some fun capturing you both... You can even bring another glass of champagne too! I have been told this intimate time away from guests is acutally quite nice and to document this beautiful moment of solitude is an honour.

Can you get a group shot of all of the guests?

Yes of course. I've been asked for all sorts of weird and wonderful requests (dogs included!!) so group shots are fine if that is what you would like. We can discuss this closer to the time of the wedding. I like to sit down and consult with clients around two weeks prior to the wedding. This is a good time to gather a shot list if you have one.

What is your style?

Above all, my first aim is to create crystal clear images that mean something and I would say my style is relaxed, informal and creative. I don't tend to follow the latest photography trend however I keep up to date with what's going on out there. There are some amazing photographers I admire such as Anna Hardy. she has a way of making everyone look beautiful yet cool at the same time.... Just awesome...

Do you travel?

Sure. I cover all areas in the North, in fact everywhere really... Ideally a nice destination in winter would suit me just fine! Travel expenses are covered up to a 20 mile radius from Hull and reasonable expenses can be discussed at your consultation.

How do we book?

Easy - just contact me here... If I have the date free we can go from there. xx

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